Get ready for the summer – outsource your admin so you can enjoy your holiday

Time and time again I hear from business owners who are busy running their businesses doing all the various jobs that come with being successful. They work hard to provide for their family all year round.  They want to spend time with the family and enjoy the summer holidays but know there is no-one “back at the ranch” and spend most of the holiday thinking about their inbox when they get back.

Well, stop right now!

There is no need to be stressing on holiday, a holiday is a time to relax and take a break from it all and enjoy your time with your loved ones.  As a virtual assistant, I can be contracted to cover set periods that you require and it can be just for the holiday’s to ensure emails are answered or website enquiries are given a holding response…. you can decide what functions you want to outsource.

A holiday isn’t the time to be losing business, chances are you’ve had to work hard to earn the money to go, and won’t be paid whilst you’re away.  A small investment engaging a virtual assistant can pay dividends in future business.  I only charge for the minutes I spend working on your business so if it takes me 15 minutes a day to check your emails, then I only charge you for the exact time you use my services for.

I work with business owners to ensure they get the best value for money from my services but I understand that trust needs to be earnt so I always start with small projects so we can ensure we work well together.  Check out my references and testimonials to put your mind at rest.  I also have a blog which tells you how my journey started which should give you some insight into my character.

Happy to arrange a free one-hour consultation to discuss any requirements you may have – contact me at

If you’re not sure what you can outsource, check out my services page or see the blog on Too Busy to Delegate.

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