Each journey starts with a single step


Thank you for joining me on my #journey. “What’s the destination?” I hear you cry! Well the destination for me is #happiness.

After 26 years I find myself without #employment…. I rolled that phrase round in my head for a few weeks and that didn’t sit well with me…. I was #unemployed! So I sat down and focused on the things that I liked to do and that I was good at…. those two lists didn’t necessarily match up I might add! I decided that I preferred the title self-employed!! I am a firm believer in driving activities that I want to happen, so making me responsible for my employment as well as my enjoyment was a no brainer.

I have spent the last 26 years helping people for a living …. that was always the best part of the job. When I was in human resources I was the “go-to” person for all personal enquiries, whether it was the new mum wondering how she was going to cope with the job and her baby so working out a part time working rota that met her needs and that her boss would approve; or the line manager who wasn’t sure on the steps required to manage someone’s performance. I developed my analytical skills to provide information to the senior management team.

I was the PA to the Borough Commander at Southwark Police Station. The best part of the role was helping him to manage his management team and driving through the changes he was after. This is where I developed a love for minute taking and governance, simple tools but used so effectively to ensure that we were providing the best service to the people of London. I honed my events management skills arranging commendation ceremonies to celebrate the brave and hard working officers.

My journey then took me to work for the Management Board where I was trusted to record the most senior level meetings and ensure the reports required for decision making had the necessary information. I scheduled and planned their agenda’s to ensure the right amount of time was given to key decisions.

My final destination with the police was in resource management in the Transformation Change Management team. I rediscovered my HR skills and developed a passion for recruitment and business administration. I honed my skills of organisation and time management. Again, the best part of the role was helping people, listening and finding solutions.

Now I see that these skills were all just the foundations on which I would build my new business. Each role taught me a little bit more about the things I like to do. I’m so excited to be able to choose where the next stage of the journey takes me.

I am passionate about people and paperwork. When I was a little girl I just wanted to work in an office. Now the office is my own and for those of you who know me can only imagine my joy at shopping for my own stationary supplies! I want to help local people who set up their business to provide a service but find themselves bogged down in paperwork that takes them away from providing that service. I can help…. I love “paper” and organisation and will work with you to be the best you can.

Thanks for your support on this new part of the journey.

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