But what would I use a virtual assistant for?


Hi, I’m Katrina Summerfield and I am a virtual assistant.

What is a VA?
That means I work from my own location so as a busy boss running your own empire, you don’t have to worry about finding me a desk or computer. In this advanced day and age I just need a phone and a computer and do most admin functions remotely anyway. Chances are you rarely return to the office to see your PA so why have them at your fixed location?

Pay for what you need.
A virtual PA uses their own equipment but may log on to your server to access your files and systems. The beauty of being virtual is that you can decide what work you need them to do and can pay by the hour if necessary. This helps to keep costs down and ensures value for money…. how often do you find your PA chatting or glued to their phone… and all on your time! A virtual PA only charges for the work they complete and you get a breakdown each month so you can see exactly what you are paying for.

So what can I use a virtual assistant for?
The answer is anything within their skill set. Most VA’s are well qualified administrators often worn out my the corporate grindstone who just want to assert some control over the work they perform. They are driven and confident in their abilities. They are well organised and good communicators who have many roles to perform in running their own business. Essentially their job is to help you make the most of your business.

Are you my ideal client?
I like working with local businesses…. chances are you were good at a certain skill or service and chose to work for yourself. If you are looking to employ a virtual assistant you’ve clearly made a success of your business. However there is so much administration in running a business it is likely this has taken you away from doing the thing you set up the business to do! That is where I come in. I love everything about administration and record keeping. You can continue to do the thing you love and I will help your business to grow. There are no lengthy contractual arrangements so you can use me for as long as you need to. Essentially by employing a virtual PA you are getting time back for yourself.

Where are you located?
I work from Petts Wood, Bromley so if you need me to pop into a local office I can do. But for a virtual PA location is not really a factor…. with mobile phones and computers I can be anywhere…. some clients are not even in this country!

It sounds too good to be true….
The downside is I have to share you with other clients…. if you chose to only employ me for the percentage that you need, then the rest of the time I will be working for other clients. Should urgent work be required outside your allotted time I would have to consider what other priorities would clash with this new work and I would always let you know what is possible. I would never leave you in the lurch if I’ve agreed to complete something.

How can I find out more information?
If you would like to arrange a consultation to see how I can help your business grow by offering virtual assistance please contact me at katrinasummerfield@hotmail.com

Many thanks for your time


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