Website Checklist

Website Check List

My New Website Checklist is an excel spreadsheet with a list of the things you need in place before you set up a website.

But it’s more than just a list – it has key information on things to consider when you choose your business name and the benefits of a free or purchased domain.

If you’re using a website designer you can use this checklist to be organised and have all the things in place before you turn up to a meeting with them.  If you’re setting it up yourself, it’s a helpful checklist to think about these things first before you knee deep in web design rather than think ooh I don’t have a logo!!

It’s priced at £25 which coincidentally is the same price as an hours work with me. But why should you pay?  Well, I’ve put together all the information I think you’ll need so you won’t have to go off searching for it.  Please use the contact form and I’ll send you an invoice and once payment has been received I shall forward you the document.