Life Audit

I spent 26 years being battered by the corporate grindstone and when I took redundancy I gave myself permission to re-assess my life and consider what I wanted from it.  It’s so easy to get swept up in the latest work priority and you forget that you yourself are also a priority.

I’ve devised this simple but effective life audit to help identify areas in your life you want to change but you must do the work to put that into action.  You’re in control of your life, you decide where it leads.  Click here to download my life audit document and start making the changes you want from your life. (Check your download folder for the file).


  1. Identify the things important to you
  2. Assess how content you are with these things
  3. Reflect on your assessment
  4. Take action and identify how you will make improvements
  5. Hold yourself to account
  6. Get support
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