How do you organise your evidence to prepare for interview?

So I’ve just left a career I’ve had for the last 26 years and beginning to embrace the world outside the Met Police. In the Met we had annual personal development reviews so it was easy to prepare for an interview, just read the last few appraisals and a good line manager will have documented your best work. However, I’m now moving into a new field of work so I have other evidence that is relevant. I’m a virtual assistant so organisation is my middle name and I’m investigating ways of collating the evidence.

In the past interviews were driven by competences so I organised my examples to answer those style of questions. I used the simple minds app and broke down each example to help order my evidence. Below is an example of how I managed a range of tasks when I was the meeting secretary for the Commissioner of Met Police and Management Board was taken “on tour” ie the meeting was held at different Boroughs around the Met.

Mind map - a range of tasks

Mind map of my evidence on how I manage a range of tasks

I am looking for a system to track my examples and a way to attribute them to the skills that they evidence. For example my Management Board on tour example would also evidence working unsupervised, or communicating to different levels of the organisation etc.

My go to organisation is always a spreadsheet, and I tried to keep this information but I am looking for a smarter way of keeping track of this information and adding to it as I get new clients and require different types of evidence.

Interview evidence snip

So over to you in the wonderful world of collaboration – what systems and processes do you use to track your evidence?

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