Design skills…

As you’ll see from my  blog my career has given me a variety of admin skills, but I also have other skills as a result of  my hobbies.

digital downloads available

I have a love of musical theatre and perform in at least 2 shows a year.  I got involved in helping with publicity and found I had a talent for graphic design and now create posters and programmes etc for our productions.

I’ve made some of the documents available to download at

crafts photo for website

I am slightly obsessed with all things crafty and enjoy making bespoke greeting cards.  I particularly like making something out of nothing and up-cycle records, bottles, candles and all manner of things.  Contact me for a personalised order and check out my shop at


Eldorado Musical Productions

My work with my musical theatre group has taken me into the world of website management including design and content as well as all manner of social media marketing.  You can see my work at and through their various social media platforms.

I am not professing to be a website designer but I have set up quite a few websites over the last 10 years.  If you are just looking for a web presence and don’t have the budget to hire a consultant, I am happy to work with you to help you learn how to create the website yourself.  You would retain full control but sometimes it’s just nice to have someone there to hold your hand.

The skills I have as an administrator are organised and methodical but the skills I have through my hobbies are creative.  This is my USP in that when you hire me, you get both organised and creative.28337798_665266053643775_7032616511380347122_o

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