Being a successful Virtual Assistant will mean you will have multiple clients.  Thankfully organisation is one of my strengths and I love a check list to keep me straight when there are so many plates spinning.  Below are a few check lists that might help you and I plan on adding to this list.  If you would like to be kept updated when new content is available, please email me to be added to my mailing list.


Website Check Listmeetings template

New business check list prepared by









Meeting Templates

Everyone loves a meeting – it’s a sure fire way to kill time in business!  I spent 26 years working for the Met Police and for some of that time I was a meeting secretary for the most senior Board meetings.  I learnt lots of tips to keep meetings focused and on track making the required … Continue reading Meeting Templates

New Business Check List

The new business check list is an excel spreadsheet with a list of the things you should think about before launching your business. I found it is easy to get carried away with a business idea that sometimes you forget to do the research whether it is even viable! Free template – New Business Check … Continue reading New Business Check List

New Website Check List

My New Website Check List is an excel spreadsheet with a list of the things you need in place before you set up a website. But it’s more than just a list – it has key information on things to consider when you choose your business name and the benefits of a free or purchased … Continue reading New Website Check List

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