How am dram made me a marketing wiz

I remember it clearly…. 2011 when my drama group Eldorado began rehearsing for the musical Hair. Hair is a sixties musical but it was quite controversial back in the day… let alone in a theatre in Eltham! Our society didn’t have anyone working on publicity, getting volunteers to help in key roles in am dram is always a struggle and usually left to a loyal few.

So I taught myself graphic design and put together a poster for this controversial show knowing we would need all the help we could get in getting “bums on seats!”.

Programme from the musical Hair

Hair Poster Designed by Katrina Summerfield 2011

I tried many programmes and online tutorials to understand the different packages that were on offer and that was the start of my interest in graphic design.

Next up was the website… the group had an old one but over time was very dated…. to attract new members and particularly young members I knew we needed to have up to date photos and videos to pull them in as well as any audience. So I taught myself web design, and mastered domain management.  I’m still running it today and keep up to date on the latest plug-ins to ensure its current

But time stands still for no one…. and social media marketing is now in full bloom. I’ve explored photo editing to ensure the photos are staged and lit in the absolute best way possible to support my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook posts. I created a stylized rehearsal look in greyscale with hashtags to ensure maximum exposure from targeted groups. I record and edit videos to soundtracks to ensure audience members know the treat that they have in store. And I create excitement with a scheduled marketing campaign across multiple platforms leading up to the show using Buffer to ensure I’m not glued to my computer but can publish according to my social media strategy.

I love this part of being in am dram using the skills I’ve learnt and know that I’m helping to keep our local theatre and our drama group in business.  Now I want to put these skills to good use for your company.  Social media marketing is such a key part of all businesses these days and having a creative flair means I can take your concept and give it a taste of the dramatic.  Please get in touch if you want to discuss social media marketing at

Bye for now Katrina.

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Each journey starts with a single step

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