Virtual Assistant Pricing

Professionally insured for Virtual Assistant work with PolicyBee

I price jobs in different ways to suit your business need, that way you always know what will be the bill. Happy to work on a 2 week trial and adjust accordingly.

One off task Retainer hours Day rate
If your admin is out of control and you just want help to get back on track or if you have a one off project If you have regular tasks that you need assistance with you can book a set number of hours for the month that I will keep free for your tasks.(Minimum 4 hours a month for 2 months) If you just need an extra pair of hands now and then and pay for the days you need
£25 an hour  Starting from £22 an hour Starting from £120 a day for 6 hours

Happy to talk through the business requirement and work out what pricing structure suits you best.  I am also happy to discuss a project rate if you feel this works for your task.  I have clients who work this way for managing their social media platforms.

Email me for a free consultation at and copy of my terms and conditions.

Many thanks Katrina

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