Virtual Assistant Pricing

Professionally insured for Virtual Assistant work with PolicyBee

I price jobs in different ways to suit your business need, that way you always know what the bill will be. I’m happy to work on a trial basis and adjust accordingly.  Contact me at for a one-to-one to see how I can help your business.

One-off taskRetainer hoursDay rate
If your admin is out of control and you just want help to get back on track or if you have a one-off projectIf you have regular tasks that you need assistance with you can book a set number of hours for the month that I will keep free for your tasks.(Minimum 4 hours a month for 2 months)If you just need an extra pair of hands now and then and pay for the days you need
£25 an hour Starting from £24 an hourStarting from £120 a day for 6 hours

Happy to talk through the business requirement and work out what pricing structure suits you best.  I am also happy to discuss a project rate if you feel this works for your task.  I have clients who work this way for managing their social media platforms. I do not work on a commission basis.

Email me for a free consultation at and a copy of my terms and conditions.

Many thanks, Katrina

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