What is top of your to do list?

Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get all the things you want done. There are different methods to help you prioritise what’s important or what is urgent. Or things you must do, should do and could do.

Are there some tasks that just never get completed?

Whatever method of prioritising works for you, there are still some things that continue to get de-prioritised and pushed down your to do list, and in the blink of an eye several months have passed and you still haven’t completed that task. It can be a block to moving forward to another phase, particularly if it’s in business.

Short of working 24 hours a day, what can you do?

Well one thing you can do is hire a Virtual Assistant! I’m not just talking about me – you will need someone qualified to do the task you need completing. But getting additional help is one answer to the time crisis. When you own your own business, you often wear many hats as well as performing the actual service your business offers. By outsourcing a specific task you can actually get someone to focus on what you need to move the business forward. Or conversely, you can outsource the mundane admin to allow you the breathing space to focus on completing this task.

What is stopping you?

Think about what is stopping you achieving your goal or your reaching your potential. And then ask for some help in breaking this down. If you’re struggling to formulate a prospecting email, then ask a VA to draft it for you. When I worked for the Borough Commander at Southwark Police Station, the biggest problem he found was getting the head space to get a first draft completed. By outsourcing that to me, he could then see what he needed to add to make the final draft complete. I’m clearly not going to know exactly what’s in your head, but by some people don’t know how to start, but most people know what they don’t want! And from that we can craft exactly what is needed together.

Do you have time to learn all the skills required?

When you’re an entrepreneur you get very good at learning your industry inside and out, and looking at ways to help move your business forward. But sometimes you do need to ask help from experts in the field. I mean if you had a problem with the electrics in your house, would you be googling it and trying to fix it yourself? You’d most probably hire a qualified and experienced electrician. The benefit of hiring Summerfield Admin Services is that you get an experienced administrator with a range of business support skills. If I don’t have the skills to help you, I work with a large community of Virtual Assistants and would be happy to help you get the right person for your task.

But I can’t afford to pay out for admin help every month!

I work with clients to ensure the pricing package is right for their business. I have clients who value the freedom that comes with outsourcing the mundane admin to SAS Admin and they pay monthly for this activity. They are billed per minute using time tracking software. They are able to focus on growing their company whilst I take care of the every day activity.

I also have other clients who pay for each project at a time. If this is something like a marketing campaign, then it allows them to reap the benefits of that campaign and decide how they can use my help going forward.

My aim is to ensure you receive value for money when securing my services and I will work with you to find the right pricing package for your business.

Can I help you?

I am happy to offer a free one-hour consultation to see whether I have the right skills and am a good match for working with you to achieve your goals. Contact me at admin@katrinasummerfield.com.

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