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Everyone loves a meeting – it’s a sure fire way to kill time in business!  I spent 26 years working for the Met Police and for some of that time I was a meeting secretary for the most senior Board meetings.  I learnt lots of tips to keep meetings focused and on track making the required decisions to move progress forward.

My blog post is a great source of tips for writing minutes if you’ve never done it before.  Have a quick look and get my free Agenda template. (Check your download folder to find the file).

I also have a minutes template which I devised with instructions on use available to purchase for £20 (use the contact form below).  It helps to keep track of decision making.  I used this method to train the current team of meeting secretaries and the template is still being used today.

For an extra £5 I have a copy of my action tracker which was recognised as the most effective way to ensure actions were completed on time.

You can also get a free template of my Attendee List and then I think you might be set to take the notes at your first meeting.  Good luck

I am also looking to develop a minute taking test so watch this space, or email me if you would like to be kept informed of this.

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