CV Templates

A CV is what anyone looking for a new job role requires.  A quick internet search will give you a variety of different styles but sometimes you just need a quick glance at someone else’s to know what you want to include in your own CV.  I’ve written a blog post which helps identify what you need to include in a CV and below is the link to a standard template.

If you’re finding it hard to write about yourself and draw out your key skills then I have a variety of packages to help you with that.  I spent 26 years working for the Metropolitan Police in Human Resources and Recruitment so I’m particularly good at taking specialist skills and writing them in an appealing way when you want a career change.  The packages range from tidying up your current CV to a telephone interview and writing your CV from scratch.  Contact me at for a consultation.

If you would like a CV that has more of a Wow! factor, I have designed a timeline style PowerPoint slide.  Message me to buy the template for £10 or contact me to discuss how much it would cost for me to complete from your existing CV.

If it’s the interview stage that has you panicked – check out my blog on having a mock interview.

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