Katrina from Summerfield Admin Services has been great at helping me with social media and tweaking my website and brochures. She is reliable and efficient and each month she reports back on each task I’ve requested. She has been an asset to my team.

July 2021

Ian, Bexley Audio Services

I hired Katrina recently to assist me in the completion of a web project for a client. She was extremely efficient and proactive and helped me deliver the work on time for my client. It was a pleasure working with Katrina and I would definitely welcome the opportunity to work with her again on future projects.

July 2020

Sophie, Bird on the Hill

Katrina has always been very efficient in the work I have asked to do. She sends gentle reminders to me for information well in advance and executes each tasks with professionalism. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who needs help and support in admin tasks.

July 2020

Anja Plumb

I can recommend Katrina Summerfield. She does lots of database and spreadsheet work for me. She’s top notch!!

January 2020


I can’t recommend Katrina enough, professional, accurate, quick and discreet. What more could you ask for?

November 2019


I utilised Katrina’s services when I left the Met to put together my first CV in 30 years, she is very professional and I would highly recommend her services.

November 2019

Paul, retired police officer

Having worked with Katrina at Metropolitan Police, I can highly recommend her professionalism, reliability, and a great sense of humour. Katrina was a pleasure work with and I was always confident, we were on the same page, within a large and complex organisation.

November 2019

Richard Denholm

Katrina was one of the most reliable PA’s it’s been my pleasure to work with. In the high pressure Borough we had a strong team and she was part of the glue that held us together. Her attention to detail was brilliant, and the way she was able to give us ‘gentle reminders’ in the nicest possible way was always well received. A brilliant cog in a very complex Met machine. I have no hesitation recommending her as a PA.

November 2019

Geoff Locke

I engaged Katrina to act as a publicity and marketing manager and production assistant for a recent theatrical production. Katrina went above and beyond to actively promote the production publicly, engaging with both local media and non-profit organisations and also fully embracing social media services to deliver a targeted marketing campaign that paid off beautifully.

I was fully confident with Katrina that all I needed was to give an overview of the intended markets and approach and that she was more than capable of filling her brief to a granular level. Larger scope ideas were put to me well in advance for approval and she anticipated and resolved both potential issues in organisation and actions that I had personally missed.

Katrina’s professional and friendly approach to her work was refreshing and much needed for a production of this complexity – it was a joy to have an administrator that I could trust implicitly to cover such a crucial part so that I was free to concentrate on the creative side of the project. I would THOROUGHLY recommend Katrina to anyone looking for a freelance PA or event manager and will be using her services in the future.

October 2019


Katrina is involved in Eldorado Musical Productions as a Production Assistant and is a vital link in the chain of people that make a show happen. She is involved, friendly, thorough and constantly aware of what needs to happen and ensures that the team are working together to achieve a great show. This is not easy in an often chaotic and tense environment and she does it brilliantly. Thanks Katrina

April 2019