The benefit of hiring Summerfield Admin Services

There are lots of virtual assistants these days, I’m not gonna lie, it’s a great job! So I want to focus on the benefit of hiring Summerfield Admin Services!

Bring back the love – Outsource the jobs you hate.

As a busy business owner, there are so many hats you have to wear to keep your business functioning. Some of these jobs you may love, but there are some you may hate! So start with outsourcing those jobs to a Virtual Assistant. This could be the laborious task of coordinating diaries to arrange an appointment, scheduling social media updates or chasing up outstanding invoices. Identify the tasks that steal the joy from your job and outsource them to someone who loves that type of work. You get the joy back in your life and your business continues to thrive – win win! We have worked with a variety of clients so have a wide range of skills. Check out our services on this page.

Use our experience to help your business.

We work with a range of business owners who all different methods to keep on top of their admin. From CRM databases to task tracking systems… everyone uses something that works for them best. This allows us greater access to a variety of software. We can assess your business needs and make suggestions to help you get organised using tried and tested methods.

You no longer have to work alone.

It can become a lonely place as a small business owner. You may feel that you have exhausted the kindness of your family and friends when it comes to talking about your business. At Summerfield Admin Services we provide a friendly ear as want your business to succeed too. We can talk though ideas and make suggestions based on our experience of what has worked in the past.

We get the job done!

You might be an ideas person or a creative person, but at Summerfield Admin Services we like to focus on the detail too. We think of the nitty gritty to get the job done leaving you to carry on having your bright ideas. If you’ve put off a task because it seems too big to achieve, then ask for our help.


We’ve heard of other VA’s coming in and taking over your clients and stealing customers. This is outrageous and something we can not condone. We work with you to ensure you’re happy with the level of access you give us. Perhaps try a small project at first until you’re comfortable. We would always recommend delegate access to your accounts (email / social media etc) to ensure you are always fully in control, after all – it’s your business! For your piece of mind, I have enhanced DBS clearance and am proud of my previous 26 years working with the Metropolitan Police. Check out my testimonials to hear what other clients have to say.

If you’re still sceptical about hiring a Virtual Assistant, then read my blog with suggestions to make sure your VA’s is qualified.

If you want a professional, reliable, conscientious partner to work with you for the best of your business, please arrange a free 30 minute consultation at

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