Sceptics guide to hiring a virtual assistant

There are many people looking for help running their business but are sceptical of using virtual assistants. Unfortunately, there are a few bad eggs as there is in every line of business. I’ve put together this sceptics guide to ensure you have the best way of choosing a VA.

  1. Check the testimonials. Look for sites where the person has to submit a testimonial from their own account, sites like Google Business or LinkedIn. This stops the VA writing their own testimonials.
  2. Are they ICO registered?  In accordance with UK law, the Information Commissioners Office register legitimate professionals who process data. I would argue that all Virtual Assistants will be processing personal data on some level and therefore should pay to be registered. I have followed their check-lists to ensure your data is properly kept and is secure.
  3. Do they have professional indemnity insurance? I have pride in my abilities but I pay for insurance to protect my business. If something goes wrong and your business suffers a loss as a direct result of something I did, you’re covered.
  4. Do they have a DBS certificate? You don’t legally have to have one but it shows any criminal convictions so if you’ve nothing to hide, why wouldn’t you?
  5. Don’t share passwords. In order to protect access to your business, I would always recommend setting your VA with delegate access rather than giving them the full passwords to your accounts. I recommend for storing passwords. This means you always keep control and if you want to revoke access to your business, you can at any time.

If you want a professional, reliable, conscientious partner to work with you for the best of your business, please arrange a free consultation at

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