Why businesses should be on Pinterest…

Not another social media platform, I hear you cry! But some businesses would absolutely benefit from having a business account on Pinterest.

What is Pinterest?

The way I think about Pinterest is like a great big scrapbook. In the old days, you would have cut out magazine articles, or swatches, or written down ideal websites to find certain products. Pinterest allows you the facility to pin pictures of these things to a certain board and these can be linked to a website. So if you’re a business that sells products – this is absolutely where you should be.

I first discovered Pinterest as a crafter, so much so that my husband thought it was a crafting website! But it is so much more. I can guarantee that whatever your search criteria, there will always be someone searching for that, or who has a board that collated this type of thing. Go on – test it! I just searched for astronauts, motorbikes – literally anything is on there.

This is why it is such a powerful tool. Because, when I follow someone who makes cards for a hobby, but then I see them posting products that would look good in their home as well, it makes me start thinking about colour schemes for my new extension… so I start a board for that as well. Or if they post about a new recipe they have tried, well then I start a post for that too. If they start posting about virtual assistants, I might think “ooh what is that?” and start researching and before you know it you have a whole new career path!

You can see how it can become a bit of a time monster in that you get drawn into another thing you want to look at but for business, it can be a great place to display your product and reach people you might not have connected with before and expand your network.

Would my business benefit from Pinterest?

If your business has an photo / picture or image, then you will benefit from having a Pinterest account where you can direct traffic to your website / facebook page / Instagram account.

For my virtual assistant business, I use info-graphics to help business owners who are looking for quality organisation top tips to make their life easier. My images have my branding on them and directs traffic to my website where more detailed information is available on my blog. This post on the best time to post to social media has been seen 2.5k times in the last 30 days. 42 people have saved it to their board which means their followers would see it and might save it to their board. A pinterest pin has a life of about 100 days so imagine just how many people would see that over its lifetime!

For my guitar teacher business, I have graphics that help parents understand why learning music is important for their child’s development. I have tips on how to tune the guitar and what to do if your child is left handed. All of these posts link to my website with my contact details.

The biggest customer profile on Pinterest are young women – so if your ideal client is a woman, then the chances are that you will benefit from being on Pinterest. I worked with a wedding and event planner and set her up a business profile. In one month I saw her engagement grow by 900 people. Admittedly she didn’t get 900 bookings! but she did get some enquiries and will continue to get enquiries from those photos for the next 100 days, if not more! And it’s a great place to showcase your product.

Pinterest is free, although it will encourage you to promote key posts which you are under no obligation to do. It is a place to be especially if you have a visual product to display. And even if you don’t have a visual product to display, like my Virtual Assistant business – well you can still make it work and direct traffic where you want it to go.

Contact me if you would like more details or ask me about a price for setting up your account.


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