Case Study – Google Business Page

As a virtual assistant, I work with you to ensure your business is performing the best it can. I will always suggests improvements for you to consider.

I work with a Reflexologist in Leigh-on-sea, we don’t have to be co-located to have an effective working relationship and I schedule weekly catch up’s to ensure I am able to work on her most important tasks.

When I first joined the team, I did a quick google search to see what internet presence the company had. I could see all the competitors but nothing for my client. That’s when I realised she didn’t have a Google My Business page.

She quickly agreed to having a google business page set up and I was able to use information and images from her Facebook page so it didn’t take long for her to set up. She noticed the difference straight away – she had more enquiries and calls to action.

Google business is currently free and really easy to set up. I’ve written a blog with some top tips to help make it as effective as possible.

Or contact me if you would like some help to see how you can make the most of this free tool

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