Why every business should have a Google My Business Page…

If you have a physical location where customers can visit, then you should claim your free Google Business Page. When you search the internet (and lets face it, this is mostly by Google) then your google business page can be right up there with your posts before even your webpage.

Your business address is also listed on the map which is another way some people search for services. This is essential for anyone who has a business where customers visit. Also people can search for your service “near me!” You will be able to reach a whole new client base!

It’s also a great place to show off your reviews & recommendations. Looking at those listed in the graphic above – would you trust someone with 4 x 5-star reviews more than someone who has no reviews? Anyone with a google account can leave up to a 5-star review with comments. Make sure you respond to anyone who leaves a comment, thank those who leave positive comments and if anyone leaves a negative comment then you should respond to it professionally and seek ways to improve your business – this will have a greater impact on your customers than an emotional response. Unfortunately there is no way to get rid of these at the moment.

You should include your opening hours and can list out your services. Use posts to promote products, events or new services. Photos seem to get more views so make sure you upload professional photos. You should note some of these areas are subject to editing by anyone so you do need to keep an eye on any notifications and ensure corrections are made as soon as they come through. All these things help you increase your position in Google search rankings. And as it’s free it’s a no brainer. That’s why I think every business should be listed there.

It also comes with some great analytical tools called “insights”. You can see how many times posts are viewed and whether customers took action, ie called you or were sent to your website. It has a website button which is great if you don’t have a website and it takes all your posts and information and lists it like a website. However, I would always recommend getting a domain specific website to show more professionalism.

To get listed – log on to your google account and click My Business

If you are now feeling overwhelmed by the amount of recommended social media accounts you need to attract your clients then fear not, you can use the same content you’re posting on other platforms. Google says that your posts will expire after 7 days but I’ve found mine are still on the platform. Don’t feel pressure to post all the time, only when you have something important to say…. but the more active you are, then Google will prioritise your post over others. You should be consistent as your audience responds to that but that could be posting once every two weeks!

If this all seems like a step too far, then you can always outsource this function to a trusted Virtual Assistant. If you would like a free consultation about how I can help you, then contact me on admin@katrinasummerfield.com. Or contact me if you have any further questions.

This is a platform that continually evolves. Since writing Google have now introduced a messenger facility as they are convinced there is a high percentage of people who don’t like to speak to a stranger on the phone. There may be more top tips to help you get the most out of this platform. Drop me a comment if you think there is a key piece of information I’ve missed off. Thanks all.

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