SAS Case Study 1

At Summerfield Admin Services, we work to make your life easier. If we’re not doing that… then we’re not doing our job right!

I work with one client who is a private tutor. He has developed his business and now has a team of tutors where he provides the marketing strategy to attract suitable students and all the admin that goes with running a thriving tutoring business. I work with him as part of the Booking Team and process the new students who want to trial their tutoring services. I monitor emails, send invoices, check for payments and communicate to the tutors and parents.

To ensure his standards are not compromised, he outlines clear instructions on how to manage customer service within set parameters and uses an IT programme to check processes are followed accurately.

By outsourcing the booking team function, this has given him time back to expand his business and recruit additional tutors and develop his marketing strategies to attract more students. At Summerfield Admin Service we have the skills to help with recruitment, marketing and on-boarding processes too.

Summerfield Admin Services is in a unique position that they have many clients who all work in different ways so can develop best practices based on experiences from other clients. We are happy to make recommendations to help your business grow by bringing our expertise in areas additional to what you’ve hired us for.

We enjoy this role very much and the company achievements are ours too.

If you think you might be in need of the SAS, then contact me to arrange a free consultation on

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