5 things you should outsource to a Virtual Assistant this year

1. Email Management

Do you have new emails coming through all the time that you lose track of who you replied to? Emails that you have to respond to and the only time to do that is in the evening which eats into your free time. If you find it’s not an effective use of your time or skills, outsource this to a virtual assistant who can schedule time every day to look at them and can manage according to your instructions.

2. Diary Management

Do you spend ages with emails back and forth trying to get a date in the diary? Or miss appointments because you forgot to put it into your diary? A Virtual Assistant can help you keep track and send reminders to those meeting tomorrow so you never have a wasted appointment.

3. Prepare Invoices

Are you too busy to remember to send invoices for the work you’ve done? Or do you sometimes invoice twice because you couldn’t find the original. Outsource this to a Virtual Assistant to help keep you organised. Do you find that your invoices are not paid but there is no time to chase, or sometimes its awkward to ask for what you are owed. By outsourcing this to a virtual assistant you can get someone impartial who will keep at it until the invoice is settled.

4. Follow up Leads

Is your pipeline drying up as you never get round to calling people back, or scheduling an appointment. A virtual assistant will have lots of systems at their disposal to help keep track of actions and can help you have a healthy flow of customers.

5. Social Media Marketing

Do you spend countless hours lost in social media just scrolling under the illusion that you are marketing? Outsource this to a virtual assistant who can spend focused effort on your Facebook pages or your Instagram so you can go back to enjoying social media and it will no longer seem like a chore.

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