Top Tip for calendar appointments

Yesterday I had a bit of a wasted journey when I headed off for an appointment but my contact had it down for today.  However, I always like to learn from mistakes and so I’ve developed a process to try and prevent that happening in the future.

Communication is a 2-way process, no matter what day I said, if the other person doesn’t hear that same day then you are not going to meet at the same time.  There was no point in getting cross, these things happen.  

  1. Whatever way the meeting was arranged (email, text etc), always send a calendar appointment so you both have the same date, time and location in your diaries.
  2. Send a reminder the day before to confirm the arrangements are still ok.

That’s it – it’s really simple and to be fair if I had have done either of those things I might have avoided a wasted journey, but I probably wouldn’t have blogged about it!!  

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