Top tips for getting hired

To be honest, it’s a bit of a rat race getting a job these days. There is so much competition. But I am pleased to say there are a few things you can do to make sure you stand out – and for the right reasons!

  1. Ditch the jokey email address. Who wants to employ It doesn’t come across as very professional. When you’re looking for a job you should probably use just your name or a generic address.
  2. Don’t need your full address. The area you live e.g. Petts Wood is enough for the recruiter to know where you’re likely to be travelling from. If you put your actual address and submit your CV to an online then it will be there for years for anyone to see and open to identity theft.
  3. Professional Headshot. If you’re putting a photo on your CV, make sure it’s not a drunk one from a party – that is not the image you’re trying to create. This is particularly important for Linked In image as recruiters often do a bit of a background check on you.
  4. Use Paste Tense. All the evidence and examples in your CV have already happened so they should be written in the past tense.
  5. The first paragraph is key. Your first paragraph may be the only paragraph the recruiter reads. You should make this paragraph specific to the job your applying for. It’s more work but if it can get your foot in the door then you should do it.
  6. Spell Check your CV. You should do this for any document or email you write as a matter of course, but it is so important for your CV. You want your CV to stand out for the right reasons.
  7. Double check your contact details are right. It’s so easy to overlook that you have typed your email address right, or included the right phone number because you’re focused on the content. But all your hard work will be for nothing if they can’t get hold of you!
  8. Reply to the recruiters email. I am one of those people who hate emails with only a “thanks” as the only content. However, from a prospective employers point of view, this shows you are keen as well as polite. It’s always good to respond in a professional manner.
  9. Turn up for the interview on time. I know this goes without saying, but do your research to check estimated travel time and add half an hour to ensure you are there in good time. If you’re cutting it fine you will only end up turning up to the interview all flustered.
  10. Research the company before showing up for an interview. Whatever job you are applying for, chances are the person interviewing you will love working for that company, if it is a small company it might well be their “baby”. You must be prepared to answer questions about their history or key things in their industry.

Good luck with your job search. If you want tips for CV writing, check out my blog.

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