What tasks can I outsource to a virtual assistant?

This is the question I get asked the most and it is the hardest to answer. The answer actually has infinite possibilities!

You can outsource ANYTHING!

You can outsource any tasks you think will provide your business value for money and you decide what is of value to you. It is different for every client that I work with. Some want to spend more time with their family so outsource the general day-to-day running of the business. Some use my specialist skills to update websites or set up marketing campaigns which would take them some time to update. Some just need an extra pair of hands as their business grows.

What to outsource?

  • Tasks you don’t like doing
  • Tasks that are time consuming
  • Tasks you don’t have the skills for
  • Tasks you never get round to completing

A good place to start is the tasks you don’t like doing. This will boost your morale as you will no longer have to do them! But will have the added bonus of giving you more time to work on the high impact tasks that provide you a greater return on your investment.

Next, I would suggest the most time consuming tasks that are necessary for your business but don’t need any of your specialist skills. These again give you time back to spend on your business yourself.

Most business owners are talented and wear multiple hats to run their business. However, you should consider whether its more cost effective to outsource if you don’t currently have the skills. I often work on a project basis performing a certain task. I have experience in setting up mail campaigns, or constructing marketing campaigns, or updating a website. These don’t have to be ongoing but could be just the help you need to get started.

And then there are the tasks that you run out of time to complete. These tasks might be “nice to have” but not essential so move down the priority list. However, these nice to have’s might give you the edge over a rival company. By outsourcing these to a virtual assistant it is like adding extra hours to your day.

A word of advice is to make sure the virtual assistant you hire has the skills to do those items and do those items well. Don’t forget you can outsource to more than one VA in order to make the best use of their skills.

If you’re still stuck on what you can outsource, check out my blog with a useful checklist. If you would like a free 30 minute consultation, then get in touch admin@katrinasummerfield.com

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