How to decide what administration to outsource to a virtual assistant…

Calling all Business Owners and sole traders

I know you’re busy completing all the various tasks required to run a business. However, if you want to take your business to the next level then you will need to take on new staff or outsource some administration. The best way to start is to document your current business processes. By literally writing it down you may uncover duplication or unnecessary processes. There’s no point in paying someone else to do a process that adds no value to your business.

Document your Business Process

Start writing down your processes in a logical order and go through the customer journey from start to finish. I’ve designed the info-graphic below to help you get started. It is a high level plan based on functions but each business will be unique.

Identify tasks

Once you’ve identified the high level processes it will be clearer to see the tasks you enjoy, those you don’t like doing or find boring, as well as those that only the business owner can complete. I use colour codes or lists to help put the activities into these categories so I can see what tasks could be outsourced. You don’t have to outsource all admin at one go, any self respecting virtual assistant will expect to take on a few small tasks and as your relationship builds the tasks will develop onto more involved activities.

Develop Instructions

Once you have the list of what you want to outsource, you would be best to devise some sort of instruction manual or GQueue’s process list to ensure any assistant carries out the work in the way that you want. GQueue’s is ideal as you can see where your assistant is following the process without being over bearing. You may also want to consider password access to your systems. Lasspass is a password manager that I use.

Document your business processes (1).png

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