Be the paracetamol to their problem


A wise woman at said that in business you need to be the paracetamol to their problem for your business to succeed. Any business needs to solve a problems for someone else otherwise there would be little or no interest in what you’re selling. This is only too true, but in my experience I think people get stuck before that in that it’s hard to identify the problem.

So my challenge to you is to stop what you’re doing and spend 20 minutes thinking about what are your challenges, what are problems that if they went away that your life would be 10 times easier.

My business admin skills have been developed working for the Metropolitan Police. This means that I have had to be resourceful because there was always no budget! In an emergency situation you have to have a can do attitude otherwise public safety is at risk. My role was to support the people making these decisions, to think about what they might need before they needed it.

So I want to put these skills to good use. I want to provide a solution to the biggest pain in running your business. I want to explore ways to help you move your business forward.

Please leave a message in the comments and I will suggest a solution about how I can help you. 


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