Petts Wood …. My new local

So my husband has wanted to live in Petts Wood for years…. “Petts Wood or Orpington” he said although he had narrowed it down to a specific triangle of roads from the station to Crofton Lane. “Why Petts Wood?” our friends and family asked but it ended up being a hard question to answer.

I liked the mock Tudor style houses…. there is something strong and sturdy about those that make you feel safe and secure. I liked the wide open roads where you didn’t have to nip in and out of the parked cars just to make progress.

I liked the bonus of two sides to Petts Wood…. the Daylight Inn side feeling like a little village with the Memorial Hall offering a strong community vibe… but I also liked the Morrison’s side which had practical shops and was a smashing high street with everything you could wish for.

I loved the little coffee shops that are littered everywhere, they are all so welcoming but my favourites are Cafe Maz and As you like it cafe… as an artist myself the chance to see local exhibits is very exciting.

So Petts Wood is now my local and I’m loving getting to know my community. I am starting up as a virtual assistant looking to work with local businesses who need assistance with their administration but not necessarily in a full time capacity.  Check out my other blog detailing But what would I use a virtual assistant for?

The neighbours are friendly and very welcoming and we’re even hoping to have a street party later in the year to celebrate the Royal wedding. I’ll keep you posted at how that develops.


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