Happy Work Birthday me!

It is one whole year since I became self-employed and I’ve gotta say I love it! I know I’m working on a Sunday, but that’s because I want to – not because my employer told me I had to! That’s because I took Friday afternoon off to celebrate my Aunt’s 70th Birthday and I still hadn’t written this blog! You see, that’s the best thing about being the boss – there is only you to answer to.

This year I’ve re-branded to Summerfield Admin Services and I’ve worked with a variety of clients as their virtual assistant helping them with admin tasks to give them freedom to spend their time on whatever they wish!

Self-employment – it’s not for everyone!

Because I’ve had such a positive experience, I wanted to mark my work anniversary with a blog and celebrate my achievements. Don’t get me wrong, being self-employed is not for everyone. You have to be disciplined if you are working from home to get the work done because there is no-one else that is going to help you. You have to be organised to manage the different hats you have to wear. You have to do a job well because there is no one else to blame when mistakes are made. And sometimes you have to put your big girl pants on and manage people that don’t pay their invoices on time. But! The rewards do outweigh the negatives, especially when you love what you do! And that is the crazy thing – I love admin! I love all types of admin!!

What I love about my business…

Over the last year I’ve discovered that I love a process to follow, emails or files to organise and especially task management. As a busy business owner you can trust me to follow the process as you want it, I am after all helping you to to run YOUR business. However, I can’t bear inefficiencies, so if I see where an alternative solution might help you, I will suggest it. But at the end of the day, I only know the part of the business you allow me to see, so if you don’t want to take up the suggestion, this is your choice.

I love seeing business owners flourish. I work with people looking to grow their business and outsource the admin tasks that they normally deal with. I feel very privileged that I am trusted to help and my only aim is to try and make your life easier. We work together to find solutions that work for your business model and the task you want to outsource. I start off with hour packages of my time until we establish what your requirements are.

The best part of my business is that I get to help different people. I work for an hour or two for each client, some every day, some once a week and some once a month. I enjoy the variety and the freedom to schedule work around other things I enjoy.

I can help you love your own business

If you are a business owner struggling to find the time to do everyday tasks or want to give yourself the freedom to grow your business, then contact me for a consultation to see if I’m the right person to help you. Contact me at admin@katrinasummerfield.com.

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